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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Delay's Delusion

One great thing happened yesterday in Congress. Rep. Tom Delay, crooked Tom Delay, resigned his position as congressman. According to him, it was at his behest and nothing forced him out. That is lie number one. Delay is fighting criminal charges of money laundering, among others, in Texas. These charges are what forced him to resign his post as majority leader of the House. Facing a tough and potentially embarrassing reelection campaign in his home district, Delay bowed out earlier this year and tried to save whatever bit of dignitiy he has left. Delay is also in the middle of DOJ probe into corruption relating to crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Some of Delay's aides have pleaded guilty and it is obvious that his office had heavy involvement in this scandal, although Delay claims he did not know it. The potential embarrassment this investigation presented to Delay, along with his collegue's fears that Delay would be even more tarnished, most definitely played some part in forcing delay out of Congress (allbeit at his own behest if you believe a crook). So Delay resigned because he is a liablity to the party and a possible criminal. No need to sugarcoat it. This is old news. No longer can the spin machines turn all these allegations into left wing conspiracies and "politics of personal destruction".

What is surprising, well not really surprising since it came from Delay, but rather prepostorous sounding, were Delay's comments and assertions during his farewell speech and various goodbye interviews. Among the fallacies he said were: 1) partisanship is good and a cornerstone of democracy, 2) The Iraq war is going extremely well, 3) The tax cuts were not for rich people, even though they were. I will not even dignify the rest of his statements with a comment, but these three are so astounding that it seems to me Delay is so self-delusional that he may actually belive what he is saying, otherwise he is just that evil. How do you make someone see something they do not want to see? Back to the comments. Partisanship is good? Last time I checked partisanship destroys all good faith in politics because it takes away the possibility of the all-important compromise. If I am not mistaken, we are in the most partisan atmosphere Congress has had in decades, and this Congress is widely considered one of the worst. It has an approval rating in the 20s, it can hardly get anything that is actually good for the entire country passed, it is the most corrupt since the Nixon era (and possibly more corrupt), it is so divided they hate each other, etc. Delay said that partisanship is the essence of democracy. He could not be more wrong. Partisanship foster supports for one party and hatred, HATRED, for the other. Tyranny and communism are one party systems. THAT IS PARTISANSHIP AT ITS MOST EXTREME! Partisanship kills democracy because it villifies the opposition in an attempt to crreat a permanent majority, or one party. That is what Delay always wanted, a permanent majority that would eventually kill the other party. ONE PARTY SYSTEM. I would never wnat just one party in this country, wether Republican or Democrat. That would destroy everything this country stands for.

Delay then told Chris Matthews in Hardball that the Iraq War is going extremely well. Huh?? I guess crack really must make you crazy. Define well? I suppose it means no stable Iraqi government, 2500 dead, 20,000+ wounded, $500 billion and counting cost, thousands of dead Iraqis, war crimes, torture, murder, a possible civil war, international hatred of the U.S., hundreds of daily insurgent attacks, no foreseeable withdrawal of troops, fialed war policy, lies, etc. Is that what well means? Of course there are good things happening, but they are so far outweighed by the bad that it is not a fair assessment to say that the effort is going well. Delay is literally crazy.

Finally, Delay said that the tax cuts were not for the rich. Even though over 50% of the money went to less than 10% of the population. Even though the structure of the cuts is such that people making six figures or more get the bulk of it. Even though economists and the public itself agree that the tax cuts were and are still for, mainly, the well off. NO, no, Delay doesn't see it that way. Just like he doesn't see his involvement, willing or not (and I believe the former), in the scandals and crimes, just like he doesn't see Iraq going badly, just like he thinks he left Congress of his own accord. Hey, I don't see myself getting old, but that's not right either. Somebody get this guy off these drugs!!

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