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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Evil Lord is at it Again

The Dark Lord is at it again. It seems that rigging our energy and oil industries, starting a war based on lies, supporting torture and shotgunning people down wasn't enough. Dick "the evil one" Cheney is now accused by a top Senate Republican of undermining and obstructing the investigation into the NSA wiretapping program. Senate Judiciary committee chairman Arlan Specter fired off angry letter to the VP accusing him of trying to dissuade members of the panel from agreeing to hold a closed door hearing on the program.Apparently, Cheney has phoned members of the panel and tried to persuade them to oppose any hearings into the spying program. Cheney, apparently also said that telephone companies have been instructed to not provide information on the program because it was of a classified nature. Cheney did not even bother to inform Specter of his intent to influence the panel. An angry Specter threatened to subpoena witnesses to force them to testify. One can only imagine the extent of Specter's anger if he is issuing threats to the Dark Lord. On the other hand, it is refreshing to see that Congress is no longer rubberstamping everything this incompetent administration tries to do. We are a nation of laws and rights. The former have been broken and disregarded continuouly, the latter eroded without any public disclosure. It is about time to pit a stop to this. Democrats can't do it, they are missing the jewels necessary. But Senators with the clout of Arlan Specter can get the ball rolling in the right direction.


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