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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Am I Biased?

This has been by far the longest I have gone without posting an article or comment on some of the current issues. I could sit here and falsely say that I have been too busy to do it, but honestly, I just needed to take a step back and reevaluate my thinking and my position as an unbiased commentator. It felt like the appropriate time to do so when the Israeli attack on Lebanon broke out. This war, which was so heavily covered by the media, felt to me like an unwarranted event, with both sides in the wrong. Seeing as we live in a biased pro-Israel country, I did not want to write anything regarding this war, I found it disgusting, from Israel's destruction of a fledging democracy, to the United States refusal to put a stop to the violence. Though I am devoutly against an organization like Hizbollah, I cannot in good conscience support what Israel did. Israel should have been the bigger man, in manner of speaking, and so should have the United States. Back to my reasons for taking a sabbatical from writing, I felt I needed to reassess my position on the issues in order be able to provide unbiased commentary. I find it has become increasingly difficult to provide unbiased commentary on everything that is going on, because, in all truth, anyone who is being unbiased and accurate will not have much good to say about the current Bush Administration. It is an effort to find good things to say about the Administration because it has such ill-conceived policies, both domestic and foreign. So, I pose this question to you: is someone who does his best to provide truthful accounts and commentary, which unfortunately are heavily critical of an Administration that has made mistakes at every conceivable turn, which has a cloud of corruption surrounding it, and which makes no faithful effort to correct its direction, is this person biased? Is legitimate criticism a form of bias, or just plain honesty? Let me remind you that the Bush Administration has labeled everyone who disagrees with its policies and actions as left-wing radical nuts, and sometimes even traitors. This list includes some of the most reknown and professional journalists in this country. Are they biased because they report the truth (which is for the most part bad news all the time) as best they can, or are allowed by this secretive Administration?


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