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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Get Rid of John Kerry

John Kerry must retire immediately and go off into obscurity hoping we forget he ever existed. The junior Senator from Massachussets is the most pathetic example of a suppossed leader in Washington D.C. (Corrupt Republican gov't officials not included). Kerry could be the biggest embarrassment to the Democratic party since Michael Dukakis. What makes it even more gut wrenching to watch is the fact that Kerry is a well educated man, who served honorably in the military, and his resume reads like what a President's should, certainly more suited for the oval office than George W. Bush ever was. When he made his comments on Monday, he didn't do anything that President Bush has done repeatedly throughout his political career, he mangled a joke?, statement?, or something like that. Bush does it all the time. The difference is that it is difficult to extract what the meaning of Kerry's mangled joke was. Was it that stupidity, a lack of knowledge and mediocre grades lead us into a war like Iraq, or that our lower classes are the ones forced to take up conflicts such as Iraq when they join the army in an attempt to have the gov't pay for higher education once you serve your 4 years (it certainly was not intended to offend the troops, as the Republicans would have you believe)? These certainly are very valid and factually supported arguments. But it is easy to spin that into something else as has been done. What Kerry did wrong was not to mangle his speech (we all do that sometimes), it was to take such a stupid stance after he clearly screwed up. He came out and said "I apologize to no one for attacking the Presdident". The moron doesn't realize that what he meant to say is no longer the issue, it is what it has been spun into. Instead of apologizing quickly, he waits three news cylces to do what he should have done five minutes after he messed up his speech: correct it and apologize if his misstatements offended anyone. Most folks with common sense and a brain understand that Kerry's intent was not to insult the troops, but that is no longer the main concern. The concern here is to halt the Republican spin machine from morphing the screw up into a sound bite supporting terrorism. But alas, leave to Kerry to do something stupid and make it more difficult for Democrats to win. John Kerry must go. He is a worthless political leader, and any aspirations he had for the presidency in '08 were shot down in '04, and buried in '06.

On a related note, when voting out there on Nov. 7, do not fall for all the spin and lies being spread out there (and these are heavily Republican). Do not take something like Kerry's blunder and give it more weight than it should have. Vote on the issues, on what is really important. Real lives are at stake, not political ones. If you identify more with the Republican party on ISSUES, then vote for them. If you identify with Democrats, then vote for them. Do not let all the BS meant to muddy waters, such as the republican spin on kerry, influence your vote. Vote smart, vote with your brain, not your heart. On Nov. 7 vote for truth not spin.


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